International Symposium
on Sustainable Cokemaking and Ironmaking (ISSCI 2023)

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5-8 February 2023 - Newcastle, Australia



Symposium Overview

The steel industry is one of the largest industrial carbon dioxide emitters, accounting for 7% of the global emissions. As regulatory, investor, and consumer pressures amplify the urgency for industrial decarbonisation, the resources and steel industries face increasing demands for real plans to reduce emissions. The consensus is that major technological breakthroughs must be made to realise high efficiency, low consumption, energy saving, emission reduction, low carbon metallurgy, and green development of the process under increasingly stringent global carbon emission regulations.

With the increased research activity in the field, the University of Newcastle, through its Centre for Ironmaking Materials Research (CIMR), seized the opportunity to host academic and industry experts at the 2023 International Symposium on Sustainable Cokemaking and Ironmaking (ISSCI 2023) to communicate technological developments in low carbon and sustainable cokemaking and ironmaking and address opportunities for collaboration.

A sincere thank you to the 120+ leaders who took part in ISSCI 2023. We also extend our appreciation to our event sponsors  The University of Newcastle, the Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP), BHP, HATCH, and the Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST). 

Symposium Topics

Low Carbon Ironmaking

  • Strategies for decarbonising blast furnace ironmaking
  • Hydrogen and oxygen enriched blast furnace
  • Auxiliary reductants (coal, oil, coke oven gas, natural gas, ammonia, biomass, plastics)

Direct Reduction Processes

  • Production of DRI (including hydrogen based DRI) in shaft and fluid bed processes

Sustainable Steelmaking

  • Melting of DRI in scrap EAFs and electric smelting furnaces
  • Smelting reduction processes with renewable carbon
  • Electrolysis processes

Raw Materials and Agglomeration

  • Raw material requirement for low-carbon BF operations and DRI production
  • Sintering, pelletising, briquetting

Sustainable Cokemaking

  • New cokemaking technologies
  • Impact of renewable additives on coking process
  • Reactivity of bio-coke
  • Stamp charging technology
  • Coke quality requirements in low-carbon blast furnace operations
  • Coke oven gas cleaning and utilisation
  • Sustainability of biomass supply chain
  • Optimisation of blends with bio-additives

Process Integration and Optimisation

  • Carbon capture and utilisation
  • Utilisation of iron and steelmaking slags

Regional Specific Developments

Key Dates

31 December 2022
Abstract Submission Deadline
23 January 2023
Registrations Closed
29 January 2023
Speaker Presentation, Headshot and Bio Deadline
5 February 2023
Early Registration and Welcome Function
6 February 2023
Registration, Symposium Day 1 and Symposium Dinner
7 February 2023
Symposium Day 2
8 February 2023
Site Visit (please note: this was an invitation only component of the event)

Registration included:

  • Welcome event on the Sunday evening
  • Two day symposium
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea at each day of the symposium
  • A gala dinner on the Monday night.

Terms and Conditions

  • Accommodation and all other catering was at the attendees own expense
  • The tour component of the program was invitation-only
  • Registrations were non-refundable but were transferable
  • Registrations closed on 23 January 2023.

Thanks to our Sponsors