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Jan van der Stel works for Tata Steel Europe on the  IJmuiden steelmaking site in the Netherlands. He studied applied physics at the Technical University in Delft.

He joined the company in 1988, where he started in Steelmaking and Continuous Casting research. He worked on the development of tundish and mould metallurgy continuous billet and slab and the introduction of thin slab casting as a process engineer and project leader. Thereafter he worked in the department for Measurement and Control as a knowledge group leader. In 1997 he became R&D knowledge group leader Blast Furnace Developments and Alternative Ironmaking. There he did developments on blast furnace coal injection, burden distribution especially modelling and instrumentation, hearth processes and blast furnace process development.

In 2004 he became the Tata Steel project leader/coordinator of the Ulcos Top Gas Recycling Blast furnace project and in 2007 the consortium co-ordinator of the TGR-BF project, which aims at for reduction of the CO2 emission of the integrated steel works.

In 1997 he also joined the ECSC and later the RFCS TGS1 expert committee on the reduction of ores. Several EU-projects were done, including Ulcos TGR BF, coal injection, burden distribution, instrumentation and hearth processes.

He is scientific fellow and knowledge group leader  in ironmaking at Tata Steel R&D dealing with blast furnace and alternative ironmaking, with focus on lowering the carbon footprint of the steelworks, e.g. by HIsarna developments and DRP-electric smelting.

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Jan van der Stel

Knowledge Group Leader Ironmaking (Blast Furnace), Tata Steel Europe, The Netherlands
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Dr Yukihiro Kubota

Chief Manager, Coal & Coke Research Department, Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan

Dr Yukihiro Kubota obtained his PhD from Tohoku University in 2012. He has over 20 years of cokemaking research experience in Nippon Steel Corporation. His current role in NSC is the Chief Manager, Head of Coal & Coke Research Department, Ironmaking research Laboratory. He specalises in coal blending theory, coal preparation techniques, coke quality estimation, strength, size, and reactivity. His Keynote address at ISSCI 2023 focuses on current topics of development of ironmaking and cokemaking in Japan.

Professor Sangho Yi’s research focuses on Innovative ironmaking pathways with emphasis on green steel technology addressing climate change. He led the development of FINEX®, which succeeded in commercialization through the pilot development process from basic research. Yi is actively involved in various discussion for a number of global and national forums on the energy conversion of the steel industry.  Currently, he serves as the chairman of the Korean government’s research project review committee in industrial materials and is involved in the development of hydrogen-reduced steel process (HyREX), innovative CO2 reduction technology for BF route, as well as CCU technology development using FINEX® off-gas. Since January 2024, he has served as a professor at GIFT, POSTECH and director of the Research Center for Hydrogen Steelmaking Technology (HySRI).

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Dr Sangho Yi

Professor at GIFT, POSTECH and Director of the Research Center for Hydrogen Steelmaking Technology (HySRI).
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Jeanne Els

Senior Consultant, Hatch Ltd, Australia

Jeanne Els started her career in the steel industry in South Africa where she joined Hatch as a consultant in iron and steelmaking. Much of her initial focus was new or alternative ironmaking technologies.  Moving to Australia, Jeanne’s focus remained at the primary end of the steelmaking value chain.  She developed and led a global team that supported all aspects of new ironmaking technologies, including technology development, technology review, technology implementation and project development.  As part of the executive leadership team at Hatch, Jeanne has undertaken a variety of roles and has worked in many different countries, often in new areas of business.  This has provided her with extensive leadership experience across Hatch operations.  Jeanne has recently taken on the role to lead development of the green steel business for Hatch in Australia-Asia, working closely with the Hatch Metals team globally.